Syracuse in LA (2018)

Digital Media & Innovation in Los Angeles (2018)

ICC 400, 1 Credit

Course Overview

Forget the rules. Explore new paths. Challenge conventional wisdom. Find new ways to reach and entertain audiences across the entire spectrum of diversity including but not limited to socio economic, lifestyle, ethnic, language and cultural differences – anywhere, anytime, on devices now known or still to be.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compare and contrast the digital platforms through which content is distributed.
  2. Develop and design content that speaks to the digital native audience.
  3. Employ tactics to establish (and maintain) a media brand presence across the digital spectrum.
  4. Formulate revenue-generating distribution strategies for digital entertainment content.
  5. Recognize how their personal experience as digital consumers relates directly to the business of digital media.

Student Feedback About This Course

"I loved Prof Bradbury. I thought he was very knowledgeable. I could tell he has a passion for the industry and he made the class very enjoyable."“I appreciate Steve always has the best interests of the students in mind."
"Very upbeat and a great professor""A+ Very knowledgeable and organized"
"Great, knows alot, overall really liked it.""The visits were well organized and informed. The class was very well put together."

Course Syllabus

Week One – July 11th
  • SULA classroom
  • “Content & ____ Are King”
  • Course overview: assignments, grading & expectations
  • Student/Professor introductions
  • Guest Speaker(s): Recent grads now working in the LA ecosystem
Week Two –July 18th
Week Three – July 25th
Week Four – Aug 1ST
Week Five – August 8th

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