Syracuse in LA (2017)


Digital Media & Innovation in Los Angeles (2017)

ICC 400, #71235, 1 Credit

Course Overview 

Forget the rules. Explore new paths. Challenge conventional wisdom. Find new ways to reach and entertain audiences across the entire spectrum of diversity including but not limited to socio economic, lifestyle, ethnic, language and cultural differences – anywhere, anytime, on devices now known or still to be invented. Over the past 20 transformational years and even more so during the last three years, the Los Angeles media & entertainment ecosystem has played a critical role in the development of new technologies, platforms and processes resulting in a profound alteration of how content is created, distributed, socialized and interpreted. Long established business models are being turned upside down. Indeed, many companies are re-defining what constitutes entertainment based on perceptions of what their audience wants.

Amidst this upheaval, consumers are consuming ever more content in new, exciting and sometimes (to the traditional mindset) counterintuitive ways. It has never been more challenging to attract as well as maintain an audience. This course will explore the landscape in Los Angeles today as well as where it could be going. How do all these elements change the entertainment experience? How do producers and distributors optimize both their content and marketing for diverse audiences on multiple platforms?

Teaching Strategy

This course will include a mix of field trips, guest speakers, discussions, in-class exercises and vigorous student participation. Students are required to actively listen and thoughtfully contribute.

Learning Outcomes

  1. You will have a solid understanding of how digital media companies identify and overcome challenges to establishing (and maintaining) their presence in the marketplace.
  2. You will become well versed to opportunities inherent in creating viable, revenue generating content distribution platforms.
  3. You will be able to relate your personal experience as consumers to the business of digital media.

Course Syllabus

Week One – July 12th (Wed)
Week Two –July 19th (Wed)
  • Field trip to PopSugar, 3523 Eastham Drive, Culver City
  • Host: Jordan Allen, SVP, PopSugar Studios
Week Three – July 26th (Wed)
  • Field Trip to VRWerx, 100 Universal City Plaza, 1320 John Ford Building, Suite 38, Universal City
  • Host: Russell Naftal Co-Managing Director
Week Four – Aug 2nd (Wed)
  • Field trip to The QYou, 3555 Hayden Avenue, Culver City
  • Host: Curt Marvis, President & Co-Founder, The QYou
Week Five – August 7th (Mon)

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